Flexigas offers a comprehensive Training Acadamy, which is available through an online training platform called EDAPP (please scroll down page to download). This training is recomeneded, but is not a requirement to use Flexigas, as all Gas Safe registered installers are premitted to use any gas pipework allowable under UK gas codes. The Training Acadamy takes aproxamately 20min for standard Flexigas, and an additional 25min for Flexigas DS. Please note Flexigas DS training is only required, if you have chosen to use Flexigas DS, which is only useful for a small number of gas installations, such as new builds. The training videos from our training Academy are available below (if you need a refresher), but if you intend to complete the training modules and receive our certificate of completion, do not watch these videos here (watch them through the training app).


Standard Flexigas



Flexigas DS



Flexigas Training Academy

Download the Training App by scanning the QR code or click the link.

The Flexigas Training Academy is hosted on a trading platform called “ED APP”, and works on both phone / tablets and PC’s

  • Phones / tablets, you need to download the “ED APP” app
  • PC’s: you can use the platform directly from your web browser

User Guide

Step 1: Enter your email and password on the left. Note: the email you use will be the name / email that appears on the Course Completion Certificate.

Step 2: Course content will then appear on the left, with the start button for each course on the right.

Step 3: Please note that the ED APP platform has in-built features like:

  • Focus: which encourages breaks and breathing exercises
  • Encouragement awards and similar

These are in built features of the ED APP platform, and do not form part of the training required to gain the certificate of completion and to start using Flexigas, but feel free to take breather if you need it!

Step 4: Once you have completed each course, it will be added to your Course Completion Certificate once you have completed one or both modules.