FG Link


Introducing The Missing Link

The patent pending FG Link™ system gives Flexigas™ the widest range of fittings available of any CSST system on the market. In partnership with Flowflex, the UK’s largest brass fittings manufacturer, the FG Link system gives unparalleled flexibility to installers. With over 150 different fittings available, transitioning between copper and Flexigas is easier than ever.

The FG Link range from Flexigas. Truly Flexible.

FGLink Adapter Range

More ways to Link to Copper

Transitioning between copper and Flexigas is now easier than ever. Whether a new installation or repairs and maintenance, there is a Flexigas fitting for all scenarios when looking to transition between copper and Flexigas tubing. Copper to Flexigas elbows, Copper to Flexigas tees in all combinations, Reducing tees, couplings and reducing couplings.

FGLink Adapter Range
FGLink 1
FGLink 2

Biggest range of fittings of any CSST brand

In our pursuit to make life easier for installers, we provide, by far, the widest range of fittings available on the market. With over 150 different fittings available, Flexigas gives installers the most flexibility when designing a new installation or when carrying out repairs and maintenance.


Flexigas Partners with Flowflex

To provide the markets largest range of fittings, Flexigas has partnered with the UKs largest manufacturer of brass compression fittings. Through this partnership, Flexigas has access to fitting combinations that no other CSST brand provides.
Highest quality fitting components.
Largest range of fittings.
Easily transition between Flexigas and Copper with many different fitting options.