Flexigas DS


Every installation scenario covered. Introducing Flexigas DS.

Solid floors.
Solid walls and structural elements of a building.
Earth or ground / soil.
Unventilated voids.
Unventilated risers – small annulus means suitable for direct clipping.

Flexigas DS roll

A patent pending, double layered flexible gas piping system consisting of a:

A 1st inner CSST layer, consisting of Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing plus a yellow polyethylene cover. A 2nd outer sleeve layer, consisting of corrugated sleeving, with an exterior polyethylene cover.

Flexigas DS roll
Flexible stainless steel gas pipe

Flexigas DS is a great choice for installers looking to save additional time on installations.

Flexigas DS can be used in all installations scenarios. It can pass
through unvented voids and anywhere else additional sleeving is
required, taking the guess work out for installers.

Flexigas DS coil

Pre-sleeved products FAQ

Is it a requirement to use a pre-sleeved product like Flexigas DS?

No, standard Flexigas can of course be used for all gas installations. However, depending on the installation, sleeving may be required to pass through certain sections of the installation, for example, through a solid wall or an unvented area.

Flexigas DS coil

What is the advantage of using Flexigas DS?

The advantage is that Flexigas DS can be used to pass through 100% of all installation scenarios, straight out of the box, without adding additional sleeving on site. Flexigas DS can save a lot of time on complicated installations, however, where only a small amount of sleeving would be required by BS 6891 or IGEM, standard Flexigas + a small amount of sleeving may be more cost-efficient. Standard sleeving is also available from Flexigas for installers to use on-site.

flexible stainless steel gas pipe

Are products with two jacket covers “sleeves”?

Not according to definitions in BS 6891 and IGEM regulations. They may however meet the definition of a “duct” and in some circumstances can be used to pass through unvented voids, but should not be used as a sleeve in most other applications.

Where can Flexigas be used as a sleeve?

Everywhere (subject to BS 6891 and IGEM regulations), including:

  • Solid floors
  • Solid walls and structural elements of a building
  • Earth or ground/soil
  • Screed
  • Unventilated voids
  • Unventilated risers
flexible stainless steel gas pipe