Behind the Name

Flexigas was born out of a desire to challenge the current market leaders and ultimately benefit the end users of these products. The vision for the business was focussed around three pillars – Innovation, Exceptional Quality and affordability.
Product development commenced in 2010. With an unwavering commitment to quality, a long road followed to ensure the product was ready for the market. Flexigas launched in the UK in 2015. Since then and more recently, Flexigas has brought out numerous innovative additions and improvements to the product range, Including – FGLink, FG Bond, Flexigas DS.


These innovations are designed to make life easier for installers, whilst also making Flexigas the most complete system available on the market, allowing seamless and simple integrations with more traditional systems.

flexible stainless steel gas pipe

The people behind Flexigas are responsible for executing the company mission, and the team possesses an eclectic array of skills and experiences that continue to challenge the status quo and push Flexigas into the role of a market leader.


Our team consists of engineers, construction developers, supply chain and distribution gurus, marketers and sales people. We all endeavour to make Flexigas a trusted and reliable partner for all merchants, suppliers and installers.