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Flexigas: The Ultimate Solution for Faster, Easier, and Better Gas Installations

Upgrade your gas installations with Flexigas, the faster, easier, and more affordable gas installation system. Designed for all types of installations, including retrofit and refurbishment work, as well as new builds. Flexigas offers superior value for any project.

Here’s why:

  • It’s over four times faster to install than copper, saving you time and money on your projects.
  • It’s competitively priced, with a similar price point to copper, making it an affordable option for any project.
  • We have the UK’s largest range of fittings, giving gas engineers complete flexibility during installations or repairs.

At Flexigas, we believe in quality, innovation, and partnership. That’s why we offer ongoing support and problem-solving to ensure that your gas installations meet the highest standards.

Upgrade your gas installations today with Flexigas and experience the benefits of a faster, easier, and more affordable gas installation system that offers superior value. Contact us now to learn more.


Why Switch to Flexigas?


Secure Metal-Metal Seal in Seconds

Plastic and gas together? Not a good idea. Flexigas fittings use a patented self-flaring metal-to-metal seal, offering superior safety and reliability for your gas installations. Say no to plastic gaskets, choose Flexigas.

Largest Range of fittings

Our extensive range of over 150+ fittings ensures that there is a perfect fit for every installation scenario, making Flexigas the go-to choice for everyday gas plumbing projects, not just new builds.

Over half of our fittings are designed specifically for transitioning between copper and Flexigas, making it easier and more efficient to switch between the two. And with our reasonable pricing, you don’t have to break the bank to make the switch.

Upgrade your gas installations with Flexigas today and experience the convenience and versatility of the UK’s largest range of CSST fittings.

FG Bond

Our patent-pending integrated earthing terminal, allows connection to ANY Flexigas fitting.

Fully approved by BSI, it removes the need for an oversized or expensive bonding clamp.

Flexigas DS

Flexigas DS is the superior choice for new builds with a high level of unvented voids.

It consists of a hard outer shell with a meaningful space for the venting of gas between layers, and not just a 2nd Polyethylene cover.

The outer sleeve is the same corrugated sleeving we have always sold (or that you might use for making a duct for copper or other pipework), however it comes pre-installed, so that you don’t have to feed it through on site.


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