Why the huge range of Flexigas gas hose fittings will offer a solution for all gas installations!

As one of the market leaders in the gas installation industry, Flexigas offer the highest quality yet affordable CSST solution available in the UK. And to complement our amazing CSST products, we have manufactured the largest range of gas hose fittings that are compatible with both our Flexigas CSST and Flexigas DS. But not only that, we have even designed gas hose fittings that can join CSST to copper!

So what does this mean to you?

Well, if you are a gas engineer, heating engineer, or plumber, who in their day-to-day work has to install gas piping into properties, you will already be aware of how frustrating and time-consuming it can be to find the right gas hose fitting for every scenario that may occur. This is especially true when it comes to installing gas using the traditional method of joining lengths of copper piping together. By using this method not only are you required to make a new join every 3 metres or so for safety reasons, but when multiple lengths of copper piping meet you have to safely join each piece of copper into an appropriate fitting, which can often be tricky. Not so with Flexigas. With our patented CSST system, you can safely install gas into a property by using just one continuous length of tubing. And our huge range of gas hose fittings, (in fact the largest range of gas hose fittings on the market), will offer you a quick and simple fitting solution for ANY scenario which might occur. Flexigas CSST is 75% quicker to install than copper, and with the price of copper recently rising, the price comparison between the two has dramatically reduced. So with Flexigas CSST, not only are you saving huge amounts of time on gas installs, but you also have the widest range of CSST gas hose fittings available in the marketplace!

But can I use your gas hose fittings to join Flexigas to copper?

Even though we are obviously biased when it comes to the CSST vs copper debate, we do appreciate that there are some projects where the copper finish is required for aesthetic reasons. But while you may need to use copper for the visible parts of the job, there are almost always tricky areas not visible that are very time-consuming to finish in copper. This is where you can make your job easier by finishing with CSST. But how easy is it to join copper to CSST? Well, with the FGLink adapter range you can convert ANY FlowFlex fitting to any of the Flexigas fittings! So whatever the situation, the FGLink will allow you to quickly and easily join multiple lengths of CSST or copper together.

Flexigas fittings include:

Male BSP
Female BSP
Reducing Union
Equal Tee
Reducing Tee
Female Tee
Male Elbow
Winged Female Elbow

Order Flexigas for your next project!

If you have a project in mind that would benefit from Flexigas CSST and our huge range of gas hose fittings, simply contact our team who will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Flexigas. Always Innovating.

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