Why Flexigas CSST is perfect for the Domestic Gas Engineer

Did you know that, unlike other CSST manufacturers, the Flexigas range has been designed very much with the domestic gas engineer in mind?

You may think that as leading innovators, designers and manufacturers of flexible gas pipe products such as Flexigas CSST, we have designed our CSST specifically for new builds. Whilst our flexible gas pipe solutions are ideal for new build projects, we have actually designed all of our products for both new builds AND the domestic gas engineer working on 2nd line refurbs, refits and fixing gas leaks in older properties. Regardless of whether the end user is installing CSST into brand new apartments in a high-rise new-build project, or is reinstalling gas into a 3-bed house, Flexigas will get the job done quickly and efficiently.

So, if you are a domestic gas engineer working on tricky 2nd line refurbs, refits and repairs, then why switch to Flexigas?

Why a domestic gas engineer should switch to Flexigas

In your day-to-day life as a domestic gas engineer, you are likely to come against many difficult and tricky scenarios. We know that gas leaks can be hard to fix, especially on older properties. Before you can even address the problem of the leak, you have to actually find it, which in itself can be a real pain. And the chances that the leak is in an easily accessible place are slim, it is likely you will end up pulling up floorboards or ripping cladding and stud walling apart to find the source. But with the flexibility and simplicity of Flexigas, there is another solution. You can disconnect the gas at the mains, remove the offending gas pipe at the mains connection and instead connect our Flexigas CSST to the mains, and run our flexible gas pipe around the property to wherever it is required. This means you don’t have to go ripping up the property to make the repair. And with our sleeve-in-sleeve CSST solution, Flexigas DS, you can install through walls, loft cavities, risers, in fact, through any unvented area. In fact, you can even bury both Flexigas and Flexigas DS in dirt and screed. So while nothing is ever clean cut for a 2nd line refit, refurb or repair, it really doesn’t matter how tricky the job is, or how difficult. By using Flexigas you will save both time and unnecessary destruction.

Widest range of CSST & copper fittings

The other benefit for domestic gas engineers in switching to Flexigas is the number of different fittings available, guaranteeing a solution to any situation. Since partnering with the largest manufacturer of brass fittings in the UK, Flowflex, Flexigas can now guarantee the widest range of fittings available in the UK. This means that no matter the scenario, no matter how tricky the refurb, refit or repair is, Flexigas will be able to provide a solution. This even applies to situations where copper piping has been used. The FG Link Adapter range has been designed to allow seamless transitions between copper and Flexigas CSST. So if you are completing a refurb or refit that previously had copper piping, or if you are fixing a gas leak in copper piping, you can cut the copper at the mains, use an FG Link fitting and connect straight to Flexigas CSST, leaving the original copper piping where it is. So when we say you don’t have to rip the property up to refurb, refit or repair, we mean it!

Flexigas’s flexible gas pipe options

We have two different options for our Flexigas CSST and Flexigas DS, depending on how much flexible gas pipe you will need for the project. For full refurbs and refits, we can deliver Flexigas CSST in continuous lengths of 15m to 400m, and Flexigas DS in continuous lengths of 15m to 100m. Our flexible gas pipes are meter-marked so you can cut to the exact size required on site. For repair jobs, we have the Flexigas Contractor Kit, now also available in Flexigas DS. This is ideal for smaller jobs that only require 5m, 10m or 15m length of pipe. So regardless of the size of the job, Flexigas has a cost-effective solution.

So now you can see why Flexigas is perfect for the domestic gas engineer, why not make the switch today? You can order Flexigas from our huge network of merchants and stockists, who can arrange delivery to you directly on-site. You can find your nearest stockist of Flexigas on our “Find A Stockist” page. If you have any further questions about our products, please feel free to contact us here.

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