Huge Flexigas partnership with distribution giant, Tesla UK!

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with Tesla UK, which is a leading distributor of plumbing and heating products throughout the UK. This partnership will mean the entire Flexigas range of products will be sold through the huge distribution network of Tesla UK!

Since entering the UK market as a direct competitor to Tracpipe, we at Flexigas have proven ourselves as serious players in the design and manufacture of high-quality, innovative and affordable gas products. Originally launching in the UK with our signature 316L stainless steel tubing product, which we named simply ‘Flexigas’, we have since been at the forefront of the industry-leading design of CSST and gas products to improve the working lives of gas and heating installers. We began by launching the FG Link adapter range, which was designed to offer users the only CSST solution that is completely compatible with a huge range of copper compression fittings. The FG Link allows installers to switch from CSST to copper in a matter of seconds, vastly reducing the large amount of time previously taken to complete this procedure. The FG Link is compatible with Flowflex fittings, which as the UK’s largest brass fittings manufacturer ensures the fitting possibilities of the FG Link are almost endless. Shortly after we launched the FG Bond, a unique integrated bonding terminal that allows installers to safely earth their CSST in seconds. And earlier this year we were proud to launch our newest product offering, the Flexigas DS. This pre-sleeved CSST solution is ideal for installation through unvented voids, through walls and cavities, as well as under earth or soil and through unvented risers.

With the FG Link, FG Bond, Flexigas DS, plus the original Flexigas CSST, Flexigas now have an extensive product range that offers heating and gas engineers a simple and quick solution to any gas pipe installation. It is this innovation and vision that attracted the eye of Tesla UK, which as one of the industry leaders in the distribution of heating and plumbing products could see the huge potential in partnering with Flexigas to sell the Flexigas range through all of their supply networks.

Enter Tesla UK!

Tesla UK has over 20 years of hard-won experience in product development, manufacturing and distributing quality gas products. They have an absolute wealth of knowledge in the gas pipe industry and are experts at bringing new ranges to market.

Due to this partnership, Tesla UK is now able to offer a significantly larger range of fittings, as well as a pre-sleeved CSST solution for installs through unventilated voids or risers. When weighing all of these factors it made perfect sense for Tesla UK to tap into Flexigas’s expertise in designing amazing products, allowing their huge customer base to enjoy the benefits of using Flexigas products.

Both Flexigas and Tesla UK are very happy to join forces, delighted in the knowledge that heating and gas engineers across the nation will benefit from being able to buy the entire Flexigas product range through Tesla UK’s vast supply network.

Order your Flexigas gas products

You can now buy Flexigas for your next project through any stockist supplied by Tesla UK. Full training on Flexigas products is available through both Flexigas and Tesla UK. Contact the Flexigas team for a full product demonstration, or speak directly with the team at Tesla UK.