Welcome to the new Flexigas HQ!!

We are delighted to announce that we have now officially moved into the brand-new Flexigas HQ in Somerford Booths, Cheshire, and we couldn’t be happier! Since launching Flexigas into the UK market in 2016 it has been our dream to build a base of operations to match our vision of being the leading manufacturer of CSST and flexible pipe for gas products in the UK. Our new home has made that dream a reality and offers everything we wanted and more!

With our previous warehouse being situated in Cheshire, we had already fallen in love with this area of the North. So when we discovered that this space was available it was a no-brainer to build our new Flexigas HQ right here! The area is not only beautiful, but it is also close to the M6 and other motorways of the North East, allowing for smooth distribution of our innovative flexible pipe for gas products to anywhere in the mainland of the UK.

Although we were happy with our previous warehouse facilities, our continued growth and success have meant that we needed a new site to give us the space we require to allow us to grow, especially with our plans for the future. And with this new location, we have everything we need to move Flexigas forward to be the market leader in designing and manufacturing innovative CSST and flexible pipe for gas products.

The new site is a much more flexible proposition than the previous site, which will offer both modern office space in a sleek new building, plus a larger warehouse facility to satisfy the growing demand for Flexigas products. In fact, the new Flexigas HQ will be more like a campus than just an office and warehouse, with plenty of space to do what we do best…design and develop innovative flexible pipe for gas products to make gas installations even easier and quicker!

Some incredible partnerships

The additional available space allows us to continue our growth, as since entering the UK market back in 2016 we have grown year on year, and we have no plans to stop! We have been fortunate enough to enter into some very beneficial partnerships with some of the industry's big guns, which has been a huge help in our ongoing success. Through our partnership with Flowflex, the UK’s largest brass fittings manufacturer, Flexigas now offers the largest range of CSST and CSST to copper fittings of any of the flexible pipe for gas brands, guaranteeing a fitting solution for any installation scenario. We have teamed up with distribution giant, Tesla UK, who now supply the full Flexigas range through all of their supply networks. You can read more about this partnership in our Tesla UK blog. We have formed close ties with Mr Central Heating and APP, who stock Flexigas in all of their stores throughout the UK. And we are also fortunate enough to have great relationships with UK Plumbing Supplies, Mark Vitow, Embrass Peerless and TG Lynes. It is because of such successful partnerships as these that we started our search for larger premises, leading us to our incredible new Flexigas HQ!

A greener Flexigas

Another huge benefit to building a brand new warehouse space is the opportunity this has given us to further reduce our carbon footprint. Flexigas are firm believers in being as environmentally friendly as possible, and one of the ways we are working towards this goal is by producing as much ‘green energy’ as we can. To this end, we are planning to install the most modern solar panels on the roof of our warehouse buildings, with the eventual aim of producing enough solar energy ourselves that we are not taking any electricity from the main grid!

More flexible pipe for gas products!

So as you can probably tell, we are absolutely ecstatic with our new HQ and are looking forward to using this base to take Flexigas to the next level. With the extra warehousing space we now have for our product range we are able to fulfil any size order for your next gas installation project. Make the switch to Flexigas today and contact our team.