Looking to run your gas pipe in unventilated voids? Step forward the Flexigas DS!

Does your next project require that you run your gas pipe in unventilated voids, unvented risers or other unvented areas? As a market-leading designer and manufacturer of modern, easy-to-use, time-saving gas pipe products, Flexigas are pleased to announce that they have added another incredible product to their already amazing existing product range.

Introducing the ‘Flexigas DS’, the brand new pre-sleeved CSST solution designed specifically for gas and heating engineers, who, in their day-to-day work, often have to install a gas pipe in unventilated voids.

We design all of our products with you, the gas or heating engineer installer, in mind. So we are pleased to tell you that you will save HUGE amounts of time when sleeving CSST through unvented areas by switching to the Flexigas DS!

The Flexigas DS (Double Sleeve) is a double-layered, flexible gas hose CSST piping system designed for ALL applications. Ideal for ventilating a gas pipe in unventilated voids, unventilated risers, or situations requiring a sleeve to pass through solid walls, floors or a cavity wall. Anywhere that there is static air that could potentially be a fire hazard should a gas leak occur. We have designed the Flexigas DS to be suitable for both domestic and commercial installations, so you can be assured that whatever the size or type of job, the Flexigas DS will deliver quick and safe installation through unvented areas.

Save time!

As you know, traditionally gas and/or heating engineers running a gas pipe in unvented voids would have to sleeve CSST through a second duct/sleeve for ventilation purposes. Depending on the size of the unvented area this can be both tricky and time-consuming. Flexigas DS will save you considerable time (against the traditional method) by providing a pre-sleeved version already assembled on the roll, maintaining flexibility yet more robust and finished in a PE coating to allow for meter marking.

Flexigas DS is the only pre-sleeved CSST product on the UK market that complies with ALL applications. Flexigas DS is flexible enough to be bent to 90-degree angles by hand, but with a hard durable coating that protects the inner pipe. Flexigas DS complies with BS 6891 and IGEM regulations, and comes in lengths of 25m, 50m or 75m as standard, but can also be cut to custom lengths on request, so you can have one continuous length of Flexigas DS for your job. Flexigas DS is compatible with the full range of Flexigas fittings, from sizes DN15 to DN50.

With the Flexigas DS now available on the UK market, there are Flexigas products that cover all of your flexigas gas hose requirements for your entire project. And with the addition of the FG Cutting machine at our Flexigas HQ, for larger more complex jobs we can even cut lengths of Flexigas CSST and Flexigas DS to your exact requirements! We can arrange through our trusted stockists and merchants to have this delivered on the roll directly to you on-site. So not only will you save time by having a pre-sleeved pipe for when you need to run your gas pipe in unventilated voids, but you won’t even have to waste time cutting the pipe to the required size!

Use the Flexigas DS for your gas pipe in unventilated voids!

So now you know that you can use Flexigas DS for all gas pipe installation through unvented areas, why use anything else? Save both time AND cost by switching to Flexigas DS for your next installation. We guarantee that you won’t be disappointed!

The Flexigas DS is available from all Flexigas stockists, find your nearest stockist here.

If you have any questions regarding the Flexigas DS or any other Flexigas product then please contact the team.