As innovators in the design and manufacture of innovative flexible gas pipes, we here at Flexigas are delighted to announce a brand new product to our ever-expanding range, the Flexigas DS Contractor Kit!

Since launching Flexigas in the UK CSST market back in 2016, our incredibly creative team have been at the forefront of the design, development, creation and manufacture of flexible gas pipe products that make the day-to-day life of the domestic gas engineer, heating engineer and plumber as simple as possible. It has always been our goal to save the front-line gas engineer as much time (and therefore money) on new build projects, 2nd line refurbishments, refits and repairs.

Our flagship flexible gas pipe CSST product, Flexigas

By liaising closely with our partners, the UK’s leading distributors and suppliers of CSST flexible gas pipe products, we have launched a series of cutting-edge CSST products that have made a real difference to the end user. This began with our flagship product, a flexible pipe for gas made from CSST, simply called Flexigas. Fleixgas was primarily designed for use in large projects requiring long lengths of CSST that could reach from the gas mains, through a building or up a riser, to wherever the gas needed to be safely transported. The huge benefit of Flexigas to the end user is the fact gas can be installed into a property in one continuous length of flexible gas pipe. There is no need for joints (like with copper), as Flexigas can be easily bent to 90 degrees by hand, meaning you can manoeuvre around bends and obstacles.

Enter Flexigas DS

Our next CSST product was the Flexigas DS, a pipe-in-pipe solution that was suitable for installation through unvented areas, such as walls, cavities and risers. Offering all of the benefits of Flexigas, Flexigas DS can also be installed in one continuous length from the mains to the endpoint. Flexigas DS complies with BS 6891 and IGEM regulations, meaning it is safe to install in any area that requires a sleeve or a duct. And like Flexigas, Flexigas DS can be buried externally and in screed.

For smaller projects, the Flexigas Contractor Kit

However, not all projects require such long lengths of CSST. Many smaller jobs require up to, or less than, 15 metres of flexible gas pipe, which is why we launched our Flexigas Contractor Kit. Ideal for a single gas installation on a property, gas BBQs and even fire pits, the Flexigas Contractor Kit is a much more cost-effective option for these kinds of projects. One disadvantage of the Flexigas Contractor Kit is that it doesn’t have a sleeve for applications that require it

Introducing the Flexigas DS Contractor Kit

It was this issue that led our team of designers to create the Flexigas DS Contractor Kit. The Flexigas DS Contractor Kit offers all of the benefits of the standard Contractor Kit, i.e. a smaller length of pipe that is ideal for smaller projects, but has the added advantage of being suitable for installation through unvented areas. The Flexigas DS Contractor Kit is a pipe-in-pipe solution for any job that requires installation through walls, lofts, under floorboards, or any area that is unventilated and requires a pipe-in-pipe solution that complies with BS 6891 and IGEM regulations. Like the Flexigas Contractor Kit, The Flexigas DS Contractor kit comes in lengths up to 5m, 10, or 15m.

Order your Flexigas DS Contractor Kit

If you have any project coming up that requires the Flexigas DS Contractor Kit, or any other Flexigas products, you can visit our stockists page which will show you where your nearest supplier of Flexigas is based. With such a huge range of trusted distributors and stockists, like Tesla UK, Mr Central Heating, APP, TG Lynes, SBS, UK Plumbing and many, many others, you are sure to find a supplier near you.