Flexigas Trade Mornings

When it comes to the plumbing and heating industry, efficiency and reliability are key. We at Flexigas understand this need and have positioned ourselves as a leading provider of innovative CSST (Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing) systems. Our CSST systems not only save gas installers up to 70% on installs, compared with copper, but we also offer the widest range of fittings available in the UK. This means Flexigas ensures a quick and simple fitting solution for every installation scenario. 

Flexigas is ideal for domestic refurb projects as our solution is both a quicker and easier alternative to copper, especially on challenging jobs. While in the past it was more cost-effective for the domestic gas engineer to use copper for these types of jobs, Flexigas is now comparable in price with copper, so Flexigas has truly become the better option.

But beyond our innovative products, Flexigas also engages directly with gas installers through our popular Flexigas Trade Mornings, which we regularly hold at the business premises of one of our trusted merchants.

If you are a plumber or gas engineer who installs gas, or just if you have an interest in the industry, here’s why we think you would love to attend a Flexigas Trade Morning!

Get to know the Flexigas product range!

We pride ourselves on offering an extensive range of innovative CSST products and fittings. Our CSST solutions are designed to simplify the installation process, making it easier and more efficient for gas installers. See first-hand how easy it is to use Flexigas, plus our pipe-in-pipe CSST system, Flexigas DS, designed for installation through unvented areas. The FG Bond is a unique product that ensures the safe earthing of our CSST, addressing a critical safety concern in gas installations. By attending a Flexigas Trade Morning, you can get hands-on experience with our products, can ask questions, and see demonstrations of how they work in real-world scenarios.

Networking opportunities

Flexigas Trade Mornings provides an excellent opportunity for networking. You’ll have the chance to meet other professionals in the plumbing and heating industry which could lead to valuable connections and collaborations that might not be possible otherwise. Whether you’re a seasoned installer of gas, or new to the industry, the networking aspect of Trade Mornings can be incredibly beneficial.

Speak to the experts!

One of the most obvious benefits of attending a Flexigas Trade Morning is the direct access to the Flexigas sales team! Whether Mel, Martin or Paul, one of our experts will be on hand to showcase our latest products, answer any technical questions you might have, and provide insights into best practices for using Flexigas CSST systems.

Exclusive offers

The Flexigas team often provides exclusive promotions and offers during our Flexigas Trade Mornings. This could include discounts on our wide range of CSST products and fittings or special bundle deals. Taking advantage of these offers can result in significant savings, making it a cost-effective way to stock up on essential supplies for your business.

Hands-on demonstrations

Seeing is believing, and Flexigas Trade Mornings offer live demonstrations of our amazing products. These demonstrations can help you understand the practical applications and benefits of using Flexigas CSST systems. For example, you might see how the FG Bond improves safety in installations or how our flexible gas pipes can save time and effort compared to traditional piping systems. These hands-on experiences can make a big difference in your confidence and proficiency with our products.

Free breakfast and informal setting

Let’s not forget the free breakfast! Flexigas Trade Mornings typically provide complimentary snacks such as bacon rolls or sausage rolls. This not only creates a welcoming and informal setting but also ensures that you’re well-fed and ready to engage with our products and our team! The relaxed atmosphere makes it easier to ask questions and absorb the information being presented.

Don’t miss out on the next Flexigas Trade Morning!

In summary, Flexigas Trade Mornings are more than just a promotional event—they are an opportunity for professional growth, networking, and direct engagement with our innovative CSST products. Our team regularly holds Flexigas Trade Mornings throughout the country, so keep an eye out on our social media channels (links below) to see when our next Flexigas Trade Morning will be taking place! Or just contact our team. You can then mark your calendar for the next Trade Morning and experience firsthand the benefits that Flexigas can bring to your business.

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