4 reasons to choose Flexigas for new build, refurb, or repair gas installation projects

Since launching our flagship flexible pipe for gas CSST product, Flexigas, into the UK market back in 2016, we have seen year-on-year growth. It is our commitment to the continuous design of innovative flexible gas for pipe products that have seen Flexigas grow from a challenger CSST brand into a market heavyweight. With CSST becoming an ever-increasing choice (compared to copper piping) for domestic gas engineers, heating engineers and plumbers working on gas installation projects across the UK, Flexigas is fast becoming the most trusted CSST brand in the UK.

If you are planning a new build, refurb, refit or repair gas install project then here are 4 reasons why you should make the switch to Flexigas.

Save a huge amount of time on gas installations

Our flagship flexible pipe for gas CSST product, Flexigas, plus our pipe-in-pipe CSST solution, Flexigas DS, has been designed to be installed up to 70% quicker than by using copper piping. Both of our CSST flexible gas pipe products can be installed using just one continuous length of pipe, without the need for joints or hot works. This means you only need a fitting at each end of the run, as opposed to copper piping which requires a joint to be made every 3 metres for safety purposes. Our flexible pipe for gas system only requires a fitting at each end, so there is much less chance of a gas leak. And as the term flexible pipe for gas implies, Flexigas is very flexible. In fact, it can easily be bent to 90 degrees by hand, making it easy to manoeuvre around corners or obstacles. All of these features mean the end user can complete installs much quicker than if using copper. And for installs through unvented areas such as walls, ceilings, cavities and risers, Flexigas DS complies with BS 6891 and IGEM regulations.

Flexigas offer the widest range of fittings in the UK

As well as being far quicker to install than copper, Flexigas sets itself apart from other flexible pipe for gas CSST brands by offering the end user the widest range of fittings available in the UK. Through our partnership with Flowflex, we offer fittings that are only available through us, such as our wall plate elbows. It is because of this that we can truly state that Flexigas can offer the best-fitting scenario for any installation scenario. Our unique FG Link adapter range allows for our CSST to be fitted to copper in seconds, for those projects where the two need to be joined.

Flexigas Contractor Kits for smaller projects

Our team of innovative flexible pipe for gas designers listens closely to the needs of the end user, which is what led them to create the Flexigas Contractor Kit. Unlike our standard CSST offering, Flexigas and Flexigas DS, which can come in lengths of up to 400m, our Contractor Kits have been designed for smaller projects requiring up to 15m of flexible gas pipe. This is ideal for domestic gas engineers working on 2nd line refurbs, refits or general repairs. The Flexigas Contractor Kit is also available as Flexigas DS for those projects that require installation through unvented areas.

Delivered directly to you on-site

Both of our standard flexible pipe for gas CSST products, Flexigas and Flexigas DS, come on one continuous spool, which is easy to manoeuvre to where it’s required and can be delivered directly to you on-site. Each length is conveniently metre-marked so you can cut to your exact required length, saving even more time when installing. With our network of merchants and suppliers growing by the day, wherever your installation project is you should be able to find a supplier of Flexigas in your area.

For the best flexible pipe for gas CSST products, switch to Flexigas!

So now that you can see why more and more domestic gas engineers, plumbers and heating engineers are switching to Flexigas, isn’t it time you did too? Find your nearest stockist of Flexigas here, or for more information on our flexible pipe for gas CSST range contact our team.