Secure metal-to-metal seal without the need for PTFE tape

Our flagship stainless steel gas pipe product, Flexigas, is a CSST solution that offers a secure metal-to-metal seal without the need to use PTFE tape or paste when securing fittings. When launching Flexigas into the UK gas installation market back in 2016, our aim was to provide the end user with a flexible gas pipe system that was safe, simple to install and far quicker than traditional methods such as copper piping (which, for safety reasons, requires a joint to be made every 3 metres). Too often we hear of installers who use PTFE tape or paste to complete the seal, but this method of securing fittings can lead to gas leaks further down the line, which is obviously a major safety concern. We offer installers a solution that never requires PTFE tape or paste to get a seal.

Our stainless steel gas pipe solution

Understanding the needs of domestic gas engineers, heating engineers and plumbers was central to the design of our stainless steel gas pipe solution. And so Flexigas CSST was born, offering end users a multitude of benefits that would make their day-to-day job of installing gas pipes for new builds, refurbs, refit and repair projects an easier proposition, ultimately saving them up to 75% of the time traditional installation methods would take to complete. Our CSST solution offers a 100% metal-to-metal seal so installers no longer need to use PTFE tape or paste to finish, dramatically reducing the chances of a gas leak.

Secure metal-to-metal seal in seconds

Our patented sealing method for Flexigas CSST creates a 100% metal-to-metal seal in seconds, without the need for any specialist tools. No soldering, heavy crimping tools, sealants or PTFE tape is required. We have designed our flexible gas pipe so that when the fitting is tightened, the last corrugation of our CSST tubing is deformed into a flared configuration against the metal seat of the fitting. The sizeable and reversible collars are easy to handle and align our CSST tubing with the fitting during installation. This means that when you follow our simple installation steps, you are guaranteed a 100% metal-to-metal seal.

The 5 simple installation steps are as follows:

1st Step - Cut

Use a wheel metal pipe cutter (which we can supply) and ensure the cut on our stainless steel gas pipe is made in the valley between corrugations. The cutter should be only slightly tightened when making your revolution around the pipe. Be sure that the cut is circular and clean with no sharp edges.

2nd Step - Remove

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3rd Step - Slide

Now it’s time to slide the nut over the CSST and then place the two semi-circular collets around the exposed CSST pipe. The ridges on the collets should occupy the last three valleys of the exposed CSST pipe.

4th Step - Tighten

To achieve the 100% metal-to-metal seal, take two suitable-sized wrenches and fully tighten the nut. The metal-to-metal seal is formed when the last corrugation deforms around the seat situated inside the fitting. Be sure to apply sufficient torque.

5th Step - Wrap

Once you have tightened the nut and achieved the metal-to-metal seal, conduct a gas tightness test and then finish by wrapping the small gap between the ‘tail’ on the nut. Our brand-new product, the FG Wrap, is ideal for this purpose and is quicker to use than silicone tape.

As mentioned above, these steps can be completed in mere seconds, leaving you with a secure metal-to-metal seal between our stainless steel gas pipe and the fitting.

Huge range of fittings

Not only does our stainless steel gas pipe CSST solution, Flexigas, offer a secure metal-to-metal seal in seconds, but we also offer more fittings than any other CSST brand in the UK. After partnering with the biggest brass fittings manufacturer in the UK, Flowflex, we now offer over 150 different fittings, many of which allow for our CSST to be joined to copper. So when you choose Flexigas for your gas installation project, you are guaranteed to find a quick and simple fitting solution for every installation scenario. 

Isn’t it time you switched to Flexigas?

So now that you know that Flexigas’s CSST solution offers a 100% metal-to-metal seal in seconds, dramatically reduces the chance of a gas leak, is up to 75% quicker to install than copper, and offers the widest range of fittings available in the UK, why would you choose anything else? With stockists all over the UK, you can place an order and have Flexigas delivered directly to you on-site ready for your next gas installation project. Visit our stockists' page and join the Flexigas revolution.