The Flexigas Journey

Can we develop innovative gas products that could match (and even beat?) the market leaders on quality, but at a price point that’s accessible to the whole market? That was the question that led to the creation of Flexigas, by a team of founders with years of experience in the construction and mechanical engineering field and first-hand experience of the frustration they were hoping to solve.

In this case, the market leader was Tracpipe. Tracpipe offers extremely high-quality gas products and systems, however, the team felt the price point was too high, and therefore potentially not accessible for wider use in the market; it was mainly used in new build properties. In order for CSST for gas to be adopted on a larger scale, it was imperative that the quality be matched, while simultaneously reducing the cost to the consumer.

While there were already a few challenger brands to Tracpipe in the UK market, it was clear they were not specifically designed for the UK requirements, but rather were European gas products that had crossed over into the UK market without much adaptation.

Flexigas was born out of a desire to challenge the current market leaders of gas products, as well as the challengers themselves, and ultimately provide clear benefits to the end-users. The vision for the business was focused on three core values - Innovation, Exceptional Quality, and Affordability.

Initial product development commenced in 2012. An unwavering commitment to quality underpinned the complex development process to ensure the product contained a range of features specifically to meet UK installation standards and was 100% ready for the market. Flexigas launched in the UK in 2016. Since then and more recently, Flexigas has brought out numerous innovative patented (plus patent-pending) additions to the product range, specifically aimed at making UK installations easier.

Recent Flexigas Innovations

FGLink - allows seamless transition to UK compression fittings, which allows Flexigas to be directly connected to any copper fitting combination, and seamless transition from Flexigas to UK sized copper tube.

FG Bond - an integrated earthing terminal, specifically designed to function as a BS 951 approved bonding clamp.

Flexigas DS – a pre-sleeved product, specifically designed to meet BS 6891 and IGEM definitions of a sleeve.

These innovations are designed to make life easier for installers, whilst also making Flexigas the most complete system available on the market, allowing seamless and simple integrations with more traditional gas products and systems.

The people behind Flexigas are dedicated to executing the company mission, and the team possesses a diverse range of skills and experiences that continue to challenge the status quo and push Flexigas into the role of a market leader in the design and manufacture of quality, innovative gas products.

Our team consists of engineers, construction developers, supply chain and distribution gurus, marketers and salespeople. We all endeavour to make Flexigas a trusted and reliable partner for all merchants, suppliers and installers.

Founding Flexigas Directors:

Jono – Is Technical Director, and has a background in mechanical engineering and property development.
Joel – Is Brand Director, and has a background in Finance.
Vass – is Operation Director, and has a background in property development.
JB – is Strategy Director, and has a background in plumbing products.

Since launching in the UK we have been very lucky to add Melanie Collins to the Flexigas family. Mel has a vast amount of experience within this industry and joined us as UK General Manager over 18 months ago. Mel has used her knowledge and expertise to take Flexigas from a newcomer on the scene to a serious player in the gas products industry. Mel has been instrumental in the entire process of bringing our new gas products to market and we are extremely confident in her abilities to continue Flexigas’s success story.

As we move with the times, innovation also covers our quest to make Flexigas’ environmental impact as minimal as possible. Recently, Flexigas committed to using only recycled stainless steel in our supply chain (reducing our carbon footprint per meter 5 fold), installing solar panels on our factory roofs and introducing compostable packaging, with the aim of removing all plastic packaging from our supply chain by 2023.

Order your gas products from Flexigas

So now you know the history of Flexigas, and as we move forward we will continue to design, develop and manufacture innovative gas products for the UK market. Please contact us today to discuss how you can join us on the Flexigas journey by switching to Flexigas for your next project.

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